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CELL:  (306) 434-8857




Welcome to the website for Guy Shepherd, Broker and Owner of Farm Boy Realty.


I grew up on a average sized family farm (for that time) of  five quarters of land just west of Fleming Sask. or southeast of Moosomin Sask. in a family of four boys and four girls.

Graduated high school in 1980 and moved to Regina where I was trained by and worked with a National Farm income tax company for four years, mainly in the country collecting tax data and consulting producers.

I married my High School sweetheart Lori, in 1983 and in 1984 we moved back to Moosomin where we purchased my parents farm. We established a new home site 2 miles west of where my parents lived and raised a family of 2 girls and 1 boy. Over the next 31 years we operated as a family farm expanding to nine quarters, mainly being involved in cattle and a commercial hay operation. Over the same time period I continued to work mostly full time—for several years in the farm income tax field,  then 17+ years with the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp. with jobs ranging from front line adjusting and delivery of the Crop Insurance program to primary agricultural producers to finishing as a Manager in the Compliance department. In early 2011 I took my Real Estate Sales courses and sold land for Hammond Realty up until June 2015.

At this time having completed my Broker's course and in consultation with my family, we decided to open and operate our own brokerage. As of June 15th Farm Boy Realty Corp. has been open and operating - in the first 8 short months of operation, FBR sold 13 properties totalling 73 quarters of farm land plus several farm acreages.

All of my jobs and experience have really come back to a simply theme—visiting with and both informing farmers and being informed by them on various aspects and knowledge to do with agricultural practices—whether it be the financial, record keeping and tax aspects to agronomic practices, production and delivery of Government programs, to currently the research of land values and land sales and purchases.

My career has been extremely fulfilling, interesting and enjoyable. What could be better than spending the majority of your career out in the country visiting farm families with similar interests and stories to my own.

I learned early on in my professional career that to be successful required you to be 100% honest and upfront with all the people who are your customers. To this day I truly believe that this is the cornerstone of a person’s or companies success— complete honesty, integrity and knowledge.

Whether a person is buying or selling farm land, I’d love to sit down, have a visit and get to know you.